Best Microphones For YouTube Videos (With Top Creator Picks) 2018

Choosing what the best receiver for YouTube is will to a great extent rely upon the sort or style of recordings you are doing. Much of the time, you will need more than one amplifier so you that you can utilize the one that accommodates your circumstance best.

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In the event that you are doing screen chronicles or voiceovers after you record, a USB or XLR studio mic would work best. Lavalier amplifiers are incredible in a great deal of circumstances where you would prefer not to need to stress over how near the mic you are – simply cut them on and begin recording. Shotgun mics are astounding for run-and-firearm style recordings, vlogging, and sit-down meeting style shots.

Since there are a wide range of sorts of recordings, and distinctive mouthpieces that function admirably to record them, we’ve featured our most loved YouTube mics by class so you can without much of a stretch find what will work best.

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Best Studio Mics For YouTube

USB Microphones

XLR Microphones

Best Studio Mics For YouTube

We have separate articles (USB and XLR) committed to studio mics intended for voice recording (ideal for voiceovers). I unequivocally prescribe getting a work area mounted blast arm to match with any of these mics.

The following are a couple of our best picks:

USB Microphones

USB receivers are unquestionably the most effortless to set up and use, yet you are restricted in your capacity to effectively redesign and extend your sound quality after some time.


Rode NT-USB receiver

The Rode NT-USB is a studio cardioid condenser receiver with a USB association for simple attachment n-play use. The included tripod functions admirably to keep commotion levels down, yet it can generally be enhanced by utilizing an outer stun mount.

Sound quality is phenomenal and effortlessly outstanding amongst other YouTube mics under $200. There is an earphone jack with volume control and additionally a blend control dial so you can mix PC sound with your voice. It is missing locally available gain control, so you’ll need to set the info volume on your PC.

Blue Yeti

blue sasquatch in 5 distinct hues

It’s nothing unexpected that the Blue Yeti is a most loved among YouTubers. It offers incredible sound quality and a huge amount of highlights at the cost.

There are 3 condenser mic cases, enabling you to look over 4 changed pickup designs. The vast majority will most likely simply require the cardioid design for voiceovers, yet being able to transform it into a gathering or meeting mic makes it more than worth its cost (and the Yeti is regularly limited under $100 amid occasion deals).

It likewise incorporates a quiet catch (exceptionally valuable!), gain control, earphone jack (with volume dial), and a better than average stand.

You’ll see they offer the Yeti in a bundle of various hues as well.

Blue Snowball

Blue Snowball – White

The Blue Snowball is the younger sibling of the Yeti and is a marvelous USB YouTube mic. There are really two distinct models: Blue Snowball and Blue Snowball iCE.

The first (Blue Snowball) has 2 mic containers, permitting omnidirectional (all headings) and cardioid (ideal for voice recording) pickup designs, a customizable stature stand, and a marginally better form quality.

The Snowball iCE has a solitary cardioid case and no tallness alterations.

XLR Microphones

When you’re prepared to truly enhance your YouTube sound quality, you’ll need to get a XLR amplifier. That implies you’ll additionally require a USB sound interface to associate it to your PC (our top pick: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2). You can generally include mouthpiece preamps and other gear down the line also.

Sound Technica AT2035

Sound Technica AT2035 Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone

I cherish that the Audio-Technica AT2035 accompanies a stun mount. You’ll require a blast arm to mount it, yet your sound quality will be significantly enhanced and you won’t need to buy the mount independently. The mic additionally has a 80Hz high-pass channel that will help take out extremely low seems like PC fans, warmers, and other encompassing clamor.